Fabrizio Gajardoni was born and lives today in Rimini, Italy. He has been fly fishing and tying flies since 1982.

He is the innovative creator of several fly dressings and is known for his versatility with every type of fly.

From dry flies to flies for pike and bass, trout nymphs to saltwater flies, realistic creations to full dress salmon flies, Fabrizio is a master at the tying vise.

From 1997 to 2003 Fabrizio won two gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals in different categories in the Mustad Scandinavian Open fly tying contest.

He has contributed to the Italian magazine “Sedge & Mayfly”, as well as the famous American magazine “Art of Angling Journal” edited by Paul Schmmokler and Ingrid Sils. This superb collector magazine featured some of the most beautiful flies, reels, rods and art from the most talented people in the fly fishing world.

Mick Hall, a well known Australian tier, and Fabrizio collaborated on an article that appeared simultaneously in the Australian magazine “Fishing Freshwater” and in the Italian “Sedge & Mayfly”.

In addition Fabrizioʼs work is described on the first volume of “Fly Tyers of The World” by Steve Thornton and on the CD “Realistic Fly Tyers” by Canadian tyer Dale Beamish.

In 2006 and 2007, at the invitation of Paul Schmooker, Fabrizio attended the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, PA as a guest tier.

Stream side Fabrizio likes to use reels with a classic style and rods with that timeless feel. Youʼll find him casting a favorite Scott or Winston rod or perhaps a beautiful hand made bamboo rod from Edoardo Scapin, a long time friend and field tester for many of Fabrizioʼs trout and grayling flies.

Visiting the pages of this site you will find some very collectable flies, but also flies that are designed and tied for fishing. Whether your interests lean towards full dress salmon flies, realistic beetles and other insects or deer hair flies, you will not be disappointed.

You will enjoy how Fabrizio seamlessly blends traditional and modern materials for beautiful and sometimes whimsical creations.

Enjoy your visit!

For any information or flies request please mail to: gaja@gajaflies.it

Fly Tyers of the World


Art of Angling Journal

Freshwater Fishing              Sedge & Mayfly

Fabrizio Gajardoni nasce a Rimini, Italia.

Pesca a mosca e costruisce dal 1982.

Creatore di numerosi dressing,è conosciuto per la sua versatilità nel costruire tutti i tipi di mosche, da quelle secche a quelle da luccio e bass, dalle ninfe alle mosche da mare, dalle realistiche alle full dress.

Collabora con a rivista italiana Sedge & May Fly e con la prestigiosa rivista americana “Art of Angling Journal” diretta da Paul Schmookler e Ingrid Sils, dedicata alle più belle mosche, canne, mulinelli ed ogni altra forma d’arte nel campo della pesca a mosca mondiale.

E’ presente nel primo libro della splendida serie Fly Tyiers of the world di Steve Thornton e sul CD Realistic Fly Tyiers del canadese Dale Beamish. nel 2006 e 2007 per due edizioni, invitato da P. Schmookler, ha partecipato come costruttore al Fly Fishing Show di Somerset (USA).

In collaborazione con l’amico Mick Hall, noto costruttore australiano, ha recentemente scritto un articolo uscito contemporaneamente sulle rivista australiana “ Fishing Freshwater” e Sedge & Mayfly in Italia.

Visitando le pagine di questo sito troverete una serie di artificiali prettamente da collezione come le full dress, alcuni coleotteri o deer flies ma anche molte mosche da pesca realizzate con materiali tradizionali o insoliti curati in ogni minimo particolare.

Fabrizio ama pescare con mulinelli classici e canne come Scott, Winston o le splendide canne in bamboo di Edoardo Scapin, amico e personal tester di molte delle sue mosche da trota e temolo.

L’unica competizione a cui ha partecipato è il Mustad Scandinavian Open dal 1997 al 2003 dove ha vinto due gold medal, 2 silver medal e 4 bronze medal nelle varie categorie.

Per qualunque informazione o richiesta mosche, inviare una email a: gaja@gajaflies.it.